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Headlight Restoration by Restore my headlights.co.uk we clean - coat - UV protect & cure.

We clean - coat - UV protect & cure - restore my headlights we keep them clear.

We keep them clear we clean- coat - UV protect & cure we keep them clear.

Restore my headlights.co.uk we clean - coat - UV protect & cure we keep them clear

Keltec Transform Services NO-RISK GUARANTEE

Keltec Transform Services no risk guarantee – in the unlikely event we are unable to restore the external surface of your headlights lens, your payment will be refunded or voided in full. The Guarantee applies only to the external surface of the headlight lens. The Guarantee does not apply to any pre-existing damage or moisture to the inside of the headlight lens. Keltec will not be held liable or responsible for any pre-existing damage or any unforeseen residual damage that may occur during or after the restoration process to the headlight lens or to the vehicle.


Keltec Transform Services  KTS  warranties your headlight restoration  and will remain effective for one year beginning on the day our service was rendered. This warranty expires on the three hundred and sixty fifth day of the restoration date. In the unlikely event your headlight lenses returns to the same condition they were in prior to our service, we will repeat our restoration process on your vehicle headlights free of charge. After this warranty service has been performed, this service warranty becomes void from that date forward.

The vehicle owner at the time of warranty service must submit a written description of our restoration failure with the original receipt of service. This warranty will be honored upon receiving your documents and based on normal usage and care of your headlights lens. Normal care is defined as washing using only clean water and car wash soaps. The use of cleaning agents (i.e. 3M – Maguires, abrasives  etc.) will void this warranty. This warranty becomes void if the claimants headlights are altered in any way that would affect our restoration finish. Warranty is limited only to the replacement of our headlight restoration service only. Once the warranty service is rendered, warranty becomes null and void.