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Restore my headlights.co.uk solving a common problem

Restore my headlights.co.uk we clean-coat- UV protect & cure

Call mobile 07733 230430 for a competitive quote we cover most area’s in Devon & Cornwall

From foggy to dull and cloudy to almost like new restore my headlights.co.uk we keep them clear

We clean - coat - UV protect & cure

Restore my headlights.co.uk contact us for a competitive quote we keep them clear

Call mobile 07733 230430 for a competitive quote

Restore my headlights.co.uk we clean - coat - UVprotect & cure we keep them clear.

We keep them clear

For further details or a quote call 07733230430 or email  info@restoremyheadlights.co.uk

Removal of lens contaminants

We remove all contaminants from the headlamp lens

We Deoxidise the lens

We de-oxidise removing hardened deposits on the surface of the lens

We then Coat and long term UV protect

We then coat and protect the lens with a special coating with UV protection which lasts.

The Truth Q and As



*What is headlight restoration?

Headlight restoration is a process that brings back the clarity of an almost  like new appearance of dull, cloudy, foggy, yellowed headlight lenses. It is an affordable alternative to the high cost of lens replacement.

*Why should I have my headlights restored?

Having your headlight lenses restored will increase safety by allowing higher visibility at night and during adverse weather conditions. It also improves the appearance of the vehicle with the almost like new look of the headlight lens. It can also increase the resale value of the vehicle.

*Can my vehicles headlights be restored?

-We can restore any year, make or model vehicle with plastic headlight lenses.

*How will Keltec Transform Services restore my headlights?

Our Three -Step restoration service includes removal of contaminants to the lens, deoxidise surface contaminants  enhancing the clarity, and application of a UV protectant coating to the lens. The clarity is amazing!

*Do you take the headlights off the vehicle?

No, the headlights remain on the vehicle during the entire restoration process.

*Will my headlights look like they did when my vehicle was new?

The appearance of your headlights will greatly improve to a like new condition similar to when the vehicle was new, only lens replacement will achieve the look of new.

*Is Headlight Restoration a permanent solution to the problem?

There is no product or service available that can provide a “permanent” solution to the eventual re occurrence of the lens becoming foggy, discoloured or hazy. Keltec Transform Services  provides the longest lasting clarity available today. We use the highest quality materials specifically designed for polycarbonate headlight restoration.

*Do you use “clear coat paint” to seal the lenses?

No! We only use products that are specifically designed for headlight restoration. We use a polycarbonate sealant that is safe for all vehicles and will not harm or cause permanent damage to the lens. Many auto detailers and auto shops use the “clear coat paint” method. Clear coat paint is not intended to seal plastic headlight lenses, over time the clear coat will yellow, and restoring them will not be an option. Headlight Assembly Replacement would be required, no matter the make or model of the vehicle Headlight Assembly Replacement is very expensive.

*I’ve seen “do-it-yourself” Headlight Restoration kit type products in Auto Parts Stores, Retail Stores and advertised on TV…Do they really work?

Headlight restoration is a delicate process; if not done properly can cause severe damage to the headlight lens, leading to the costly replacement of the headlight lens assembly. There are many different products and ideas available like toothpaste and abrasive sanding, each product varies in their results, and the results overall are short-lived.

*Why should I choose Keltec Transform Services

We are Headlight Restoration Specialist. We use the highest quality materials obtainable combined with our years of experience to give you the longest lasting clarity that you would expect.

*How long will the like new look last after your service?

With proper care and use, the like new look will be long lasting after our restoration service.

*How long does the restoration process take?

Most restorations are complete within 30 mins to an hour; the amount of time varies depending upon the extent of the damage to the headlight lens. Severely damaged lenses may take additional time.

*Will you come to my home or work?

Yes we are based near Plymouth, we are a mobile service serving Devon’s main town’s including Plymouth-Exeter-Torquay, we also cover most of Cornwall with the exception of West Cornwall we will come to a location that is convenient to you.

*After restoration, how long do I have to wait before I can drive my vehicle?

You will be able to drive your vehicle 5 minutes after the last stage of restoration is complete. (Note, vehicle is driveable  5 minutes after restoration with no negative results; total curing of lenses are achieved after 24 hours.)

*After restoration, what happens if my headlights get wet?

Your headlight lenses should not be exposed to rain, snow or any form of moisture during or within 15 minutes of restoration. In the event the restored headlight lenses become exposed to moisture after the 15 minute time period, a temporary “hazing” may occur during the first 24 hours. This “hazing” is normal and will disappear after the lens surface has dried and curing is complete. Please allow 24 hours for lenses to fully cure before washing vehicle. We closely monitor weather conditions to ensure optimal results of your headlight restoration.

*How much does your headlight restoration service cost?

Any year, make or model vehicle; all headlights       ONLY £ 39.00

*I had one of my headlights replaced due to an accident. Do you offer a service to restore only one headlight?

Yes, we offer our service to restore a single (1) headlight lens for only £22.00

*Is there a guarantee?

Yes, Keltec KTS no risk guarantee – in the unlikely event we are unable to restore the external surface of your headlights lens your payment will be refunded or voided in full. The Guarantee applies only to the external surface of the headlight lens. the Guarantee does not apply to any pre existing damage ie cracks, scratches or moisture to the inside of the headlight lens.

*Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we offer a Full Service Warranty.

*How do I make an appointment?

-Call us on 07733230430 or email : info@restoremyheadlights.co.uk  to make your appointment. You will be asked a few questions like, your name, contact phone number, type and location of vehicle. We will then arrange a time that is convenient for you. It’s that easy!

-You can also schedule your appointment by email. info@restoremyheadlights.co.uk

*What happens if there is bad weather on the day of my appointment?

Being an outdoor mobile service, our appointment schedule is sometimes interrupted by inclement weather. We closely monitor weather conditions when scheduling to avoid having to reschedule your appointment. We are unable to perform our headlight restoration service in rain or snow conditions. In the event that it is necessary to reschedule your appointment; we will make every effort to contact you as soon as possible and reschedule a time that is best for you. We of course can carry out the treatment if you have garaging facilities.